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Meet Jim Lloyd...

Multi Instrumental Musician, Performer, Storyteller, Traditional Music Teacher &  Appalachian Barber

In Rural Retreat, Virginia, Jim Lloyd lives and works as a barber, multi-instrumentalist musician, and storyteller. Some folks call him an exceptionally well rounded performer who showcases many talents on stage, but Jim is most recognized for his extraordinary banjo and guitar playing.

The Jim Lloyd Experience, his most recent album, shows the wide range of music that he interprets via his mountain lens, much like Doc Watson. Traditional ballads, instrumentals, traditional songs from the mountains, and originals pack this album with noteworthy, eclectic tracks. Listen here.

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Jim's Latest Project



Jim's musical heritage may be traced back at least four generations in Appalachia. His family is full of Virginia and West Virginia mountain fiddlers, guitarists, dancers, and singers.


In 1958 and 1959, his uncle, Buddy Pennington was the banjo player with Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys. Jim likes to think of him as his family muse.

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Jim Lloyd is a musical chameleon, singer, old-time banjo master, public radio broadcaster, music educator, bluegrass rhythm guitarist, storyteller, banjo museum curator, and barber from Rural Retreat, Virginia. He has released several albums available in our merch store. On his latest project, The Jim Lloyd Experience, Jim showcases his mastery of mountain guitar. Whether playing alone, with banjo master Carl Johnson, or in string ensembles like the renowned Konnarock Critters, Lloyd has made a name for himself in the world of Appalachian Music. The Jim Lloyd Experience demonstrates that the one thing he has not done enough of is recording solo projects.


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Jim Lloyd 

It's your turn to have your very own piece of Jim's Music from the Mountains! You can select merch items individually or bundle them to create the Jim Lloyd Extravaganza!  You'll receive one CD of your choice, a case sticker and a tee shirt for a discounted rate of $40!  All of Jim's orders include FREE SHIPPING. Please make your selection below and we'll be in touch. Thank you!


Contact with questions or bulk purchase discounts.

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Lloyd's accomplishments span the genres of old-time music, bluegrass, storytelling, and presenting. He is also an Appalachian barber, musician, storyteller, presenter, music educator, banjo historian, and radio host. Jim is a great addition to festivals, concerts, events, summer music camps, seminars, and storytelling because to his diverse skill set and range of abilities.  Check out Jim's EPK here!

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  • January 8 - Seven Sisters Brewery, Wytheville, Va.

  • January 14 - Blue Ridge Opry, Elkin, N.C. 

  • January 26-29 SPBGMA - Nashville, Tennessee 

  • February 5 - Seven Sisters Brewery, Wytheville, Va.

  • February 11 - Oracle Books, Wytheville, Va. 

  • February 26 - Blue Ridge Opry, Reedsville, NC.

  • March 4 - Blue Ridge Opry, Carborrow, N.C.

  • April 29 - Virginia Cultural Center,  Abingdon, Va.

  • April 29, 30 - Barter Theater, Abingdon, Va.

  • May 26 - Blue Ridge Opry, Sparta, N.C. 

  • June 3 - Blue Ridge Opry, Wytheville, Va. 

  • June 12 - Wythe History Camp, Wytheville, Va. 

  • June 16 - Alexander Black House & Cultural Center, Blacksburg, Va.

  • July 8 - Matthews Farm Museum, Galax, Va. 

  • July 16 - Big Walker Lookout, Wytheville, Va. 

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