How to Choose Best Keyboard and Piano for Beginners


Are you trying to find an instrument that is flexible, has multiple uses and a number of playing levels then this article will definitely help you? Before you purchase one of these however it is best to have in mind what exactly it will be used for so that you can make the right selection. It may be needed for professional use or maybe for occasional use. These factors have to be taken into consideration. The skill level of the player also has to be taken into consideration. There are different types of keyboards available in the market that suit all skill levels and let us not forget the professional ones.

Traditional Acoustic Pianos

Just like an old fashion string music player, the acoustic piano is made using techniques that have been used centuries ago to produce traditional pianos.

They can be very cumbersome, heavy (most weighing over 200 pounds or 80kg) and big in size. All of these attributes make it extremely hard to move or transport from place to places. It will also require expensive maintenance on regular basis to keep the strings and hammer in the appropriate place for good sound quality. This job is usually performed by an expert – professional piano tuner, and they will charge you per service contract. The cost can vary wildly depending on how complicated your piano is as well as the location and how hard it will be to do the job.

On the good side, nothing beats the pure and unfiltered sound quality of acoustic piano strings. If you plan to play the most beautiful songs and really enjoy it to the fullest, then an acoustic piano is simply the best way to go.

However, there is a little downside to traditional pianos – you cannot adjust the sound volume. That means when a person practices piano, other will be affected. Of course, there wouldn’t be a problem if the piano player is experienced and pumps out charming pieces of piano melodies, everyone would simply love it. But for most people who practice playing piano at home, that is not the case.

If you are a parent and your child has just started learning how to play piano, it would be wise to purchase him or her electric piano keyboard.

Digital Electric Pianos

With digital pianos, there are no strings or cumbersome hammers involved, though you might buy something with wooden keys that give a very realistic feel to a real acoustic piano. So, most are very light and compact in size.

Electric pianos are also cheaper than acoustic counterparts because they can be commercialized on a much bigger scale to reduce production cost.

You won’t need to pay for any maintenance either, because everything is digital. And perhaps, the most important factor to consider is that digital pianos allow you to have hundreds of sound options, adjustments and much more.

Electronic Keyboards

Electronic Keyboards are one of the best sellers on the market because of their cutting-edge features and portability powered by enhanced performance and their lineup includes the mini grand piano series and portable electronic keyboards. In fact, the makers recently launched 3 new portable keyboards and added them to the existing best-selling lineup.

These keyboards are fun to use, easy and user-friendly as well as lightweight and compact and feature full-sized keyboards with 61 keys and they are also endowed with functions and features in multitudes, which are more or less exclusive to Casio. Among Casio Electronic Keyboard lineup range, you can choose from CTK 491, CTK 591 and CTK 691. The CTK 691 is a powerhouse performer with MIDI compatibility and with it; your own studio can be created. The high-end features that it offers at this price will make your eyes pop out in disbelief.


Every model and types of keyboards or Pianos have its own advantages. When compared to the digital, electric with the acoustic Piano, it has headphones options. So probably children would like that features. Overall, electric digital pianos are more popular for beginners and everyone who simply wants a simple piano without having to worry about fine tuning things every now and then. If you have more budgets to buy the acoustic Piano, I would definitely like to recommend it for sure. For beginners, look for one that will give you a little additional help. They have electric keyboards that come with interactive tutorials which can help you learn the basics and improve your skill levels.