The Best Drums in the World You Should Definitely Check Out


Drums are likely the first sound instruments in the universe with a history as far back as the beginning of time when the sound of a drum implied either dance and wine or passage of a message. Some people consider drums as the spiritual pathways while others use them for exhibitions, therapies, drumming circles participation, instructional instruments among others. Buyers, therefore, need to familiarize themselves with some of the best drums in the universe.

The world may be so diverse, yet the utilization of drums is widespread. From Africa to the Middle East to America, drums are an important part of many cultures.

African Drums

Talk of the African culture and you can never miss mentioning drums which include;

Ashiko- The famous hand drum that produces three distinct tones. Those with furred hides produce muffled sounds.

Conga- A tall hand beaten drum shaped like a barrel. Congas are also common in other cultures.

Djembe– A challis-shaped hand drum usually associated with gathering and healing.

Djun-djun- A bass drum from West Africa which has two heads and is used in the company of a Djembe and other drums.

Rik- A drum played by hitting the head with hand or by shaking the entire drum.

Asian Drums

The majority of these drums originate from south Asia with most of them being Indian.

Damroo- A small Indian drum with two heads that produces beautiful sounds when it is twisted rapidly. When twisted, the loose strings bend and cause the knots to beat the head thus producing sound.

Hudak- A small-headed drum held under the arm that creates different sound by manipulating the strings.

Khamak- A hybrid string instrument that looks like a drum and is played by culling the strings that encompass the drum.

Khola drum with two drum-heads and a body made of earthenware or, fiberglass.

Madal- a drum with two heads and laces that are used to change the tuning.

European Drums

Europe too has a number of drums that are fascinating

Bodhran- An Irish single-headed drum played with a mixer.

Tabor- common two-headed drum mostly identified with Medieval Europe.

Island Drums

Island countries also brag of native drums commonly known as Afro-Cuban drums

Boku- Similar to Ashiko from Africa yet with a few adaptations.

Bongo- Two hand drums joined to each other, and each drum has a name. Hembra, the female drum is bigger than macho, the male drum.

Middle Eastern Drums

The Middle East is known for their rich history of music. Numerous Middle Eastern drums have antiquated Persian origins.

Bendir- A small frame drum that may pass as a tambourine except that it has the snare rather than cymbals. It’s played by one hand and held by the other and is common in northern Africa.

Nagada – A long and narrow drum played with one arm and customarily believed to heal an assortment of diseases.

Tupan – A multifaceted two-headed drum. Utilized as a part of Arab lands, it is likewise found in southeast Europe and southeast Asia.

Zarb- Goblet drum that is much similar to the doumbek. It is believed to originate from Persia.

North American Drums

Despite the European influence on American and Canadian drums, native Americans have a deep cultural history of drums and music.

Pow Wow Drum- Any drum preserved for use in the powwow tradition.

Water Drum- Some north Americans used drums that were filled with varying water levels to create different sounds.

South American Drums

Latin is widely known for their distinct Latin music and dance which mostly featured drums.

Caixa- A snare drum used for samba music. Brazilians mostly use this drum.

Cajon- A box drum that is believed to originate from Peru.

Cuica- A popular Brazilian friction drum which makes sound by rubbing the dowel with a wet cloth.

Pandeiro – A drum that can be a used as both a hand and edge drum. It is also a tambourine variation that originates from Brazil.

Repinique- A two-heads drum from Brazil that is played as an accompaniment to samba dance like the Caixa only that it is much taller and lacks the snare.

Surdo – A drum that originates from Brazil and used in samba dances and performances. It has two heads but players play only the best of the two heads.

Where to Find World Drums

Drums are anything but difficult to find- stores, handicraft boutiques, online sections, or through personal recommendation.

Buying drums from eBay

On eBay, you can find best drums from different parts of the world under the eBay musical instruments category or collectibles category. However, if you have a specific drum in mind, you can use its name or specific words like the “African Ashiko Drum” to search for it on eBay.